In my job as a flight attendant, one of the most common ice breaker questions is, ‘Where are you from?’

I often answer them, ‘Not anywhere, really.’  Then comes the curiosity surrounding the litany of my response to the inevitable next question, ‘Well, where do you live?’

I’ve lived in Detroit, Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C.; I went back to New York, and then Ft Lauderdale, back to Atlanta, back to San Francisco, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, New York AGAIN… I spent some time commuting to Dublin, and now I live in Paris.


I told my airline that I was looking for my home, so they had to hire me.  Was I running from something or running toward something? I honestly don’t know.  Maybe I was just one of those restless souls.  I do know that as a new hire flight attendant, my most important priority was ‘Knowledge is Power.’  Knowledge to me meant learning about new places and new ideals and peoples and their cultures.  It was about making the world a smaller place.  I’ve since concluded that wherever you go, people are all basically the same.  We all want love in our life.  We want to have respect and to live in dignity.  And just because a person doesn’t know how to say ‘milk’ in a different language doesn’t mean that person is ignorant or lacking in the need for milk to help build strong, healthy bones.  Ignorance comes from fear. Fear of a better life.  Fear of stepping up and conquering the fear of deserving that better life. Fear of honoring your heart’s desire because you were taught dreams are impractical fantasies only available to the rich or something best left in the movies.  Home, it turns out, is truly where the heart is.  It doesn’t matter the location.  The only thing that matters is the intent with which you live.  Start from the heart and the rest will follow.

So I tell my coworkers, ‘It’s not about where I’m from. It’s where I’m going.’  I’m on the pathway of truth, love, and light.

You can live vicariously or live your dream, but please live your Delicious Destiny.


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